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9th day Fund Raiser

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself and The 9th Day Rescue, Rehabilitation & Rehoming Centre to you. I started my rescue days at our local SPCA by donating goods; I then joined the committee and shortly thereafter became chairlady. Whilst valuable experience was gained, I had ideas of my own and so The 9th Day was established.   January 2015, I started the 9th Day Rescue, Rehabilitation & Rehoming Centre and registered as a NPC in April 2015. We mainly focus on stray animals – the neglected, sick, broken souls that live in fields, walk the streets, going...


AAMBEIE…Eet baie rosyntjies…dit is goed vir iemand wat aan aambeie ly. AKNEE…Aartappelskil werk baie goed. Smeer dit aan elke dag. Aknee vertel ’n mens dat jy allergies is vir iets. Hou maar jou dieet dop en kyk wanneer jy iets eet watter kossoorte ’n reaksie gee. ASEM…1 blikkie snuif en een telepel koeksoda. Meng deeglik en snuif dit ASMA…Vir asma is peppermentkruid en roosmaryn in ’n bietjie badwater net die ding BEDSERE…Laat die persoon op ’n gelooide vel lê  



I strap on my boots I tighten my vest I buckle on a 30 pound belt I say bye to my loved ones I walk out the door with hopes I’ll come back I pray to God for protection I leave my own issues and stresses at the door I check into my response car I patrol your neighborhood I place your security on my shoulders I go in when there’s an intruder I stop fights I stop threats I stop burglaries and thefts I stop drug abuse I stop child abuse I stop rapes, murders, and other issues I’m...