About Us

The WINDOW format is something unique. Magazine content in newsprint and it gets to the readership for free. Content includes medical advice, cars, a kid’s page, women’s page, short stories, property pages, a consumers page, sports, schools page and much more. By moving away from daily dreary news (that is available on the internet anyway), this publication offers a prolonged shelf life and more readers per issue. For any advertiser it means BETTER value for money.

Distribution is also unique. Instead of only having a home drop where there is a larger ration of loss of papers, the distribution will be focussed on handouts and business delivery.

Furthermore, the printed version is only part of the distribution. An electronic version will also be available and advertising will extend to social media (again a unique innovation).

When dealing with our helpful staff, you will be met with flexibility, and personal service. You will receive a tailored package to advertisers need within its economic budget and with repeat adds. Packages may include free advertorial with advertising, mentions and articles on business page. As valued client the cost of digital uploading on our online newspaper will be carried by West Rand Window

All other advertising services are also on offer. E.g. A5 flyer / A4 inserts tailor made to advertisers need within budget with extras in newspaper.